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Why being a safe church is important to us

At CPC we are committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare of all people, especially the vulnerable, like our children.

As a church community, we comply with the policies put in place by the Federal and State Government and the Presbyterian Church in NSW.

We want to offer children and those who are aged, disabled or at risk of abuse, a safe environment in which to worship our great God.

The CPC leadership team and all volunteers who have contact with children or the vulnerable are safe ministry trained and have undergone Working With Children Checks via the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian.

How we maintain our safe church standards

We ensure that everyone working with children and young people has a current Working With Children’s Check number. This is also required for all leaders and people involved in a number of pastoral care ministries.

Regular yearly training is also required of all these people.

They must know, understand and follow our various safe church policies known as Breaking the Silence.

We keep accurate records of accreditation (both at a local church level and with the denominational Conduct Protocol Unit).

We are a mandatory reporting body. We have clear protocols for reporting to the appropriate civil authorities and the Presbyterian Conduct Protocol Unit.

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There are people who want to help ... and who can help ...

Conduct Protocol Unit

Please do not hesitate to contact in relation to a complaint, an enquiry or if you would simply like more information about conduct protocol issues. Please be assured that all matters will be dealt with promptly and confidentially.

Contact Details

Conduct Protocol Unit

Presbyterian Social Services

Tel: (02) 9690 9325

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View our safe church documents by clicking on the following links:

Safe Church Policy Statement

Safe Church Code of Conduct