Celebrate Easter with us

Tuesday: Tenebrae service at 7:30pm.

Tenebrae, from the Latin word for “shadows” or “darkness,  has been observed in the church of Jesus Christ since the fourth century, sometime during Easter week. The Tenebrae service always has a sombre tone, reflected in the darkness, in the accounts of Christ’s suffering, in the music, and in the silence of the people as we enter and leave.

During the service, different people will read from the Gospels the events that led Jesus to the cross, and we will extinguish seven candles, one by one, dramatizing the suffering and death of Jesus. The diminishing light symbolizes the fading devotion of the disciples and the sin of the world.

After each reading there is a time of silence for individual meditation and prayer. There will also be several songs for us to listen to and allow the words to speak to our hearts.

Please arrive silently and take your seat. At the end, some people sit quietly praying and reflecting. Leave when you wish, but go quietly, contemplating Christ’s crucifixion and thinking ahead to the victory of the resurrection.

Good Friday : 9:00am

We are planning, weather permitting, to hold our service outside on the astro-turf near the Moore Hall.

Being outside will allow everyone to attend. The children from Kingdom Kids will also bring a song for us.

Yes, there will be morning tea and hot cross buns! This year they will be provided—please do not bring any HCBs.

Easter Sunday:  9:00am

Again, weather permitting, we will meet outside to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. We will also celebrate this with the Lord’s Supper.

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