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Thanking God for our past

Travelling with God in our present

Trusting God with our future

About Us

We are a group of people of different ages and backgrounds who seek to follow Jesus and live for him.

You will be make welcome if you wish to check us out!


December 29 and all of January will be one service at 9:00am.


First Sunday at 9:00am

Other Sundays at 8:30am (more traditional) and 10:00am (best for families)


Clear and relevant Bible teaching

Deaf ministries and an interpreter on Sunday mornings.

ESL (English classes on Tuesday nights with activities for children)

Op Shop

Long Day Child Care Centre

January 5
January Sermon Series
  • January 5. Hard Sayings of Jesus:  Don’t look at the faults of others- unless you repent…Luke 13:1-9  
  • January 12. Hard Sayings of Jesus: Unless you are more righteous than even the Pharisees you won’t enter the kingdom of heaven Matthew 5:1-20
  • January 19. Hard Sayings of Jesus: Unless you are born again you won’t see God’s Kingdom  John 3:1-21
  • January 28. Hard Sayings of Jesus: Unless you carry your cross, you can’t be my disciple  Luke 14:25-35

Our Beliefs

We take confidence in the fact God has spoken clearly to us in the Bible and in his Son Jesus.

We hold to the ancient Christians creeds such as the Apostles’ Creed.

As Presbyterians, we hold to a larger statement of belief called the Westminster Confession of Faith

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